Privacy is important.

haxnet is an IRC network dedicated to privacy. IPs are cloaked, and hostserv is available for custom vhosts. Nickserv, chanserv, and botserv are also available. SSL is required to connect.

To Connect

/server -ssl irc.haxnet.org 6697

General Server Pool

irc.haxnet.org -- NOTE: haxnet.org will not work -- you need the irc prefix!

Cert Information

haxnet uses it's own CA to sign certs used by the various servers. You can download the CA here, and verify the hash via haxnet's twitter ( @haxnetirc ) or via comparing it here (but this isn't secure, now is it?). The cert was last regenerated on April 5, 2014.

SHA1: 15 8B 28 3C 4E 6E 92 4C 54 25 E2 C9 E4 C7 08 EB 37 75 8C 24 

MD5: 7F 26 D0 BA B8 BA 23 02 59 30 EC EB 08 DA 89 60 


Pretty much, don't mess with other people and they shouldn't mess with you. Some (all?) of the IRC servers are hosted in the US, so US laws may apply. Haxnet, the operators, hosts, etc. aren't responsible for anything that occurs on haxnet, but may take steps to deal with issues as they arise. IRCops won't ever give out IPs, information, etc., and have the final say in anything haxnet related.

For more information, see the MOTD.

Use common sense and everything will be good.

If you have any questions, ask in #haxnet .

Attacking the network is a pretty good way to get ban'd. It sucks for everyone. Don't.

Things worth knowing